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    Christmas opening hours 2019


    A recap from the Whale Museum’s history: 1998

    A recap from the Whale Museum’s history: 1997

    whale watching

    A recap from the whale museum’s history: 1992-1995

    End of whale watching season 2019

    Artist wanted

    humpback whale

    Humpback whale – An introduction

    white beaked dolphin

    White beaked dolphin – An introduction

    Minke Whale

    The Minke Whale – An Introduction

    Good attendance to Dr. Joe Roman’s lecture

    Harbour porpoise – an introduction

    Increase in July’s visitor numbers

    Successful whale watching season in Húsavík

    a blue whale

    Blue whale: An introduction

    Art work

    New art paintings by Renata Ortega revealed outside the Whale Museum


    Successful anniversary celebration in the Whale Museum

    Húsavík Whale Museum’s 20th anniversary celebration is on next week!

    Loes De Heus (t.v.) og Eva Björk Káradóttir (t.h.)

    Salka whale watching begin their 2019 season


    Season premiere at Húsavík Adventures

    blue whale

    Open for the next 215 days!


    Blue whale and orcas spotted in the bay

    Whale Watching Season Begins in Húsavík

    The humpbacks are back to Skjálfandi

    The Season has started

    Summer is finally here

    A Blue Whale spotted in Skjálfandi Bay

    Museum closed January 5th and January 6th due to construction

    Museum accepts grant for Continuing Education

    U.S. Ambassador visits museum

    The museum will be open daily in October

    Guest number 34.000 this year

    Successful Partnership between the U.S. Embassy in Iceland and the Húsavík Whale Museum

    Summer staff standing the watch

    Abercrombie & Kent supports The Whale Museum

    Many blue whales in Skjálfandi Bay

    A lively July at the Húsavík Whale Museum

    Good guests visiting

    Successful 3rd Whale Congress

    Annual Whale Congress Tomorrow, Tuesday

    Two new exhibitions opened last week-end

    Official opening of the blue whale exhibition

    Art Without Borders

    Museum now open 8:30 to 18:30

    A Busy Week at the Museum

    The Whale School 2016 – First Visits

    The museum reopens after six months

    Museum opening postponed until the 7th of March

    New employee announcement