Immerse yourself in the world of whales

The whale museum in Húsavík

Opening hours

April - October

November - March

About the museum

The whale museum is located in a small, beautiful fishing village in the northern part of Iceland, Húsavík. Húsavík is often called the whale capital of Iceland, as it is a popular destination for whale watching.

The museum is one of the few museums in the world that is specifically dedicated to whales and their world. Various exhibits give visitors a deep insight into the world of these magnificent mammals and their role in the ocean's ecosystems. The exhibits include 13 whale skeletons, interactive exhibition technology, films and interesting stories about whales and our relationship with them over the centuries. Visitors learn about the history of development, the biology and behavior of whales, the history of whaling off Iceland, the protection of whale populations and ocean areas, to name a few.

The museum's goal is to share information about whales and their habitat through exhibitions and museum education in a practical and interesting way.

Price & location


kr 2500
  • Grownup.


  • Children (16 years and under)
    must be accompanied by an adult.


kr 15.000
  • Must book 5 days in advance.
    Available in Icelandic and English.
    Maximum 30 people.

the Team

Eva Björk Káradóttir


Heiðar Hrafn Halldórsson

Project manager

Garðar Thröstur Einarsson

Museum education

"Is somewhat freer, more independent and more neutral than seeing a whale navigate its course on the surface of the ocean."

Jóhannes kjarval, 1948.


The diamond ring

The Diamond Ring can best be described as a spectacular 250 km. a circular route in the North-East that contains numerous natural gems. The route was officially opened in autumn 2020 when a new road via Dettifossveðin was opened. 


Whale watching

Húsavík has for years been known as one of the best destinations in the world for whale watching. The most common species in Skjálfandaflói are humpback whales, killer whales, humpback whales, porpoises and gray whales.


Everything about Húsavík

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