Good guests visiting

There have been a lot of visitors in the Whale Museum these days, as expected, but some guests are more tied to the museum than others. That definitely applies to our dear friends from Germany: Elke Wald and Silke Ahlborn, who came by the museum while spending a few days in Húsavík and surroundings.

Elke and Silke both worked in the Whale Museum for several years, Elke as a project manager during Ásbjörn Björgvinsson's (museum founder) time and Silke as a volunteer. There is no doubt that their work has been of great value to the museum.


2016-06-22 14.01.18

Silke and Elke by the new Blue Whale Exhibition



2016-06-22 14.03.21

Namiyo Kubo's mural is not unfamiliar to those two!


2016-06-22 14.04.58

It was truly a reunion for Elke, Jan and Silke, who all knew each other before.


2016-06-22 14.06.29

And last, but not least: Go Iceland!



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