New art paintings by Renata Ortega revealed outside the Whale Museum

The Húsavík Whale Museum got a great facelift today when art paintings by Renata Ortega were revealed on the southside of the building. According to the museum’s project manager Heiðar Hrafn Halldórsson the idea of getting the paintings had it roots in necessary renovation of the building in the last two years. The renovation work led to the removal of identity whale paintings which characterized the museum’s exterior looks from 2001-2018. With the new paintings in place, some substitute has been created for the old art work at the same time they cover up some old steel windows which were badly in need for some maintenance. The outcome is beautiful as the following pictures will show you.

Karl Bjarkason from Trésmiðjan Val installed the paintings in the windows

Here’s a good view of how the paintings really gives the building a great appropriate character
Renata Ortega, when her art exhibition inside the Whale Museum was revealed in 2018

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