Successful 3rd Whale Congress

The International Whale Congress, held last Tuesday (June 21st) was a success. Around 70 guests attended the congress and eight speakers shared valuable information.


Afterwards, guests got together for chatting, questions and answers.


2016-06-21 20.59.06

Dr. Níels Einarsson from Stefansson Arctic Institute in Akureyri answers questions on his talk about Climate, Socio-Ecosystems, Ceteceans and Tourism in the Arctic.


2016-06-21 21.07.16

Sigurveig Gunnarsdóttir, a geology student from Húsavík, talks about climate change and how a fossil whale bone could help predict sediments age.


2016-06-21 21.21.53

Dr. Jens Koblitz talks about Echolocation


2016-06-21 21.07.11

Guests of Whale Congress 2016



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