Húsavík Whale Museum’s 20th anniversary celebration is on next week!

The 20th anniversary of the Húsavík Whale Museum will be celebrated on May 9-11th. The festival was originally scheduled to be held last year but had to be postponed.

The anniversary festival will begin on May 9th @18:00 with the Whale congress which will be held for the fifth time. The congress is held every summer as a platform to share information between cetacean researchers, whale watching operators, guides and others interested in the topic. The aim is to bring the latest information to the passengers of the whale watching vessels in Skjálfandi Bay.
This year’s presentationists include representatives from the University of Iceland’s Research Center in Húsavík, Adam Smith, Charla Basran and Dr. Marianne Rasmussen. After a hour long dinner break the congress will continue with presentations from Katie Pavid (Natural History Museum London) and Callum Muir (Iris films), Richard Sabin (Natural History Museum) and the whale- and dolphin specialist Erich Hoyt.

On Friday the 10th there will be a special opening @18:00 where the 20th anniversary exhibition will be revealed. Everybody’s welcome.

On Saturday the 11th the museum will offer free entry and an anniversary cake from 14:00-17:00.

The staff and board of the Húsavík Whale Museum hopes to see you there in order to celebrate 20 years of what began as a great entrepreneur contribution but developed to be one of the biggest tourist attraction of North Iceland.

The schedule for the Whale Congress

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