Successful Partnership between the U.S. Embassy in Iceland and the Húsavík Whale Museum

Last week, Valdimar Halldórsson and Huld Hafliðadóttir from Húsavík Whale Museum met with the U.S. Ambassador in Iceland, Robert C. Barber. The U.S. Embassy in Iceland and Húsavik Whale Museum have for the past months strengthened their relation, including the Embassy’s great support towards the museum’s partnering project with the New Bedford Whaling Museum, Massachusetts. The project, Connecting Coastal Communities, aims to connect two coastal communities on each side of the Atlantic Ocean (Húsavík and New Bedford), through museum work and youth exchange.

In the meeting the Húsavík Whale Museum gave formal thanks to the Embassy for it’s support, since such support is crucial to the museum’s educational component.  At the end of the meeting, Huld delivered a hand made gift from the students of the Connecting Coastal Communities project.

During the meeting, both parties declared sincere willingness to further cooperation.





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