Two new exhibitions opened last week-end

The annual opening of the Whale School art exhibition was held last Saturday and on Sunday, French artist Marina Rees opened her art exhibition. It has become a tradition in the museum that a new artist exhibits art works connected to whales each year. Marina’s exhibition is in a pure style and a great supplement to the other exhibitions in the museum.

Ishmael, the main character in Moby Dick survived in Queequeg´s coffin after being shipwrecked. An by 5th grade students.



2016-06-11 12.02.45


The 5th grade students read an abridged version of Moby Dick and made various artworks connected to the story.


Around 150 guests attended the opening of the Whale School exhibition.


A young artist from the children´s nursery with her artwork, A Whale from Skjálfandi Bay.


Marina Rees at the opening of her exhibition: C-E-T-E-C-E-A


2016-06-12 16.12.57


2016-06-12 16.13.08


2016-06-12 16.13.31



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