White beaked dolphin joins Húsavík Whale Museum’s impressive skeleton collection

The Húsavík Whale Museum received a true gem recently when a white beaked dolphin was added to the skeleton collection. This is the 12th skeleton which will be on display inside the museum and the first which is received since the arrival of the blue whale in 2015. Also, it’s the last piece of the puzzle in the game of collecting the most regular whale species of Skjálfandi Bay. It was the museum’s whale specialist Garðar Þröstur Einarsson who picked up the white beaked dolphin from the farm Guðlaugsvík in Hrútafjörður. The bones will now be in a processing mode for about one year before they will be ready for display inside the museum. The Húsavík Whale Museum wants to thank the owners of Guðlaugsvík for the donation and the help when picking up the whale.

white beaked dolphin

The white beaked dolphin stranded in Guðlaugsvík in Hrútafjörður, North West Iceland


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