A recap from the Whale Museum’s history: 1998

 On June 17th 1998 the museum moved in a 200 m2 area in a old baiting shed by the harbor called „Verbúðir“. In the next years the museum gained more popularity as it dwelled in a good relationship with the neighbours who were mostly fish baiting workers.

The Whale Museum’s home from 1998-2002 was on the upper floor of „Verbúðir“, old baiting sheds which were still serving its original purpose on the lower floor.
Þorvaldur Björnsson from the Icelandic Institute of Natural History making the bones ready for the exhibitions.
The number of skeletons increased bit by bit over the years. The Killer Whale was added in 2001.
Ásbjörn Björgvinsson, the Whale Museum’s managing director from 1997-2008 on the grand opening of the museum’s new home in 1998.

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