Exhibition update.

Today we took down Renata Ortega´s art exhibition that has been on display since middle of 2018. Originally the exhibition was supposed to stay until the end of 2019 to
be replaced by new artists. However, when time came to travel to Iceland the
pandemic forced us to postpone. Now it´s close to spring 2021 and we
still do not know when traveling will be possibly in an pimply way. For now, we will fill
up our empty space with a temporary exhibition about plastic´s in the ocean in collaboration with Ocean Missions.

Ocean Missions is a community of dedicated individuals with passion for ocean conservation.

“We conduct periodic scientific surveys within sensitive conservation areas to gather valuable information for scientists, policy makers and other stakeholders about wildlife and the ocean´s health. We explore places of special scientific interest or remote
locations with difficult access for other vessels. We want to pay special attention to marine debris pollution including fishing gear and plastics, and to study its interaction with marine life.”



The museum is currently looking for support to finance this exhibition. 


The Whale Museum sends much appreciation to Rena for her beautiful exhibition, her artwork will be missed. 


Artwork by Renata Ortega


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